NICE clinical guidelines
Issued: August 2004 (last modified: June 2005)

Dyspepsia: Management of dyspepsia in adults in primary care

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This guidance replaces TA7 Dyspepsia proton pump inhibitors.

There have been changes to the recommendations in this guidance since publication. This web version contains the current wording of the recommendations. Information about the changes can be found on our website.

The recommendations in this guideline were graded according to the quality of the evidence they were based on. The gradings are available in the NICE guideline and are not shown in this web version.

Brief summaries of the evidence are shown in this version to support some of the recommendations; they appear as bulleted statements below the recommendations. Please note that the grading scheme for evidence used in the NICE guideline (Appendix A) differs from that used in the full guideline.