NICE public health guidance
Issued: April 2007

Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation

This is an extract from the guidance. The complete guidance is available at


The Department of Health asked the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE or the Institute) to produce public health guidance on workplace health promotion with reference to smoking and what works in motivating and changing employees' behaviour.

The guidance is for NHS and non-NHS professionals and employers who have a role in – or responsibility for – supporting and encouraging employees who smoke to quit. This includes those working in local authorities and the community, voluntary and private sectors.

The Public Health interventions Advisory Committee (PHIAC) has considered a review of the evidence, an economic appraisal, a survey of current practice and stakeholder comments in developing these recommendations.

Details of PHIAC membership are given in appendix C. The methods used to develop the guidance are summarised in appendix D. Supporting documents used in the preparation of this document are listed in appendix E. Full details of the evidence collated, including stakeholder comments, are available on the NICE website, along with a list of the stakeholders involved and the Institute's supporting process and methods manuals.